Landescape is an artistic research project that explores human and non-human interactions. In particular, it monitors the effects that multimedia practices and languages produce on humans once they are surrounded by non-human beings and vice versa. During the first three years, it has investigated the possibilities that contemporary music acts, audiovisual performances and interactive installations disclose when are staged out of conventional places for contemporary art. While the first year (2015), it took place in the Riserva Naturale Orientata Bosco d’Alcamo, the second year we chose the Botanical Garden of Palermo as venue for the experiments.

After the first three years of experimentation, it’s time to Mingling for Chimera.How non-human beings react once their cognitive systems is stimulated by human actions? How human and non-human beings can coexist in a spontaneous dimension of energy exchange? Are we able to image a chimera made of human and non-human actions for human and non-human cognitive systems?

For all these reasons, artistic direction tends to privilege those projects and artists willing to interact with the environment, taking into account the fragility of ecosystems. The interventions we promote are not invasive, in terms of pollution, and economically sustainable. Landescape is curated by Giuseppe Calamia e Leonardo Ruvolo