Landescape is the precipitate of multimedia experiences in natural environments. It represents a survey on the relationship between modern man and the places surrounding his ancestral city life. Landescape is the frustrated attraction to relive nature through the use of audio-visual experimentation. Multimedia performances amplify and stimulate the perceptual system, once immersed in the nature. Landescape is the occasion to leave the overlap of sounds and images, dive into the natural depths, remove the cable, cut the wire, re-emerge healed.


We are a collective of young students, workers and artists. We were born and raised in Alcamo, a village in western Sicily. We spend much time in front of computer screens, behind camera lens, phones clutched in our hand. When we feel the need to escape, to close the screens, to turn off the phones, we shelter in the mountain that dominates our country, Mount Bonifato. Within the nature we succeed in reconnecting the relationship that links us to the earth. We can finally hear something: the wind in the trees, our steps along the paths, the rain suddenly pours.


Landescape stems from the need to discover ancestral places surrounding us through multimedia performances fostering the perception of images and sounds. The proscenium of the first escape was the Nature Reserve Bosco d'Alcamo on September 2015.